Three Questions that will Guarantee Success!

Posted on: September 13th, 2013

checklistThere are three questions that every recruiter, HR professional, and really anyone in a position to be looking for someone to hire should be asking themselves on a regular basis. By answering these three questions you can virtually guarantee you will get the results you need if you stick to it. They are so simple, but we are willing to bet anyone any amount that if they are not having success, they are not answering at least one of these questions completely!

First question, DO I HAVE A PLAN? Well, do you? Have you really set down and mapped out a strategy that takes you from need to fulfillment? Many of you have not, and no, just running an ad on Craigslist is not a plan, although it may be part of a plan. While there is more to it for most companies, here are three things you have to know; you need to know who you are looking for, where you are going to look, and what you want to say once you have found them! Have you thought that far ahead? Some of you have. If you have not, stop reading and create a plan, right now, today! Write it on a napkin and magnet that sucker to your refrigerator if need be, but get a plan!

Second question. AM I WORKING MY PLAN? There, right there, that sound is the sound of a thousand smug grins falling from faces as they realize that somewhere in a drawer gathering dust there is a plan, but they are not using it! Plans matter, even if it is not a particularly good plan, it may very well produce results if you follow it! But, as with all things in life, 100% of the plans you do not follow, will fail to produce results! 100% of the time! So, those who are still with me are about to have a rude awakening, because, if you have a plan and you are following it and still not getting results, question number three is going to do you in!

Third question, IS MY PLAN WORKING? I warned you. I told you that the third question would get you. I know that almost all of you reading this article right now are shaking your heads no. How do I know? Because, if you A: have a plan, and B: work the plan and were getting the desired results, you would not be reading this article, would you? Of course not! You would be too busy conducting interviews, or signing contracts with the perfect candidate, or trucking on down the road with that candidate firmly integrated into your organization and doing great things, but instead, you are reading this. So, what’s wrong with your plan? I don’t know, but nine times out of ten, you do. FIX IT YESTERDAY and go back to asking yourself question number two, am I working the plan?

Rinse and repeat until you achieve the desired results. No more excuses.

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