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Think ‘reverse engineering’ when it comes to investing your recruiting dollar and you’ll start to envision the flexibility of Bessire and Associates.  You know your budget, we’ll tell you the most effective way to spend it.  Our consulting might be as simple as helping you choose the best job board in your particular market, or perhaps you simply require a Subject Matter Expert to construct an effective Structured Interview Process.  Whether it’s one individual service or an entire overhaul of your recruitment process… Bessire can help you determine your specific needs to provide a consulting strategy that puts every dollar to work for you.


Our consulting services include:

  • Employment Branding – We help you express your company and your employment opportunities in ways that connect with and appeal to the candidates that fit your unique culture.
  • Advertising Assessment – There’s advertising and there is successful advertising.  Bessire shows you ways to maximize your advertising investment and extend your reach.
  • Local Market Analysis – Does your local market produce the applicants you want?  Bessire can help you determine how far you need to reach to find the talent you need.
  • Interview Best Practices – Establishing an interview process that uncovers natural gifts and abilities of an applicant and their potential to meet your expectations.
  • Talent Pool Management – Getting 100 applicants is only good if you have a structured method for handling 100 applicants, including the establishment of specific requirement and elimination protocols.
  • Personality Assessment – No one puts lions with the gazelles.  Know what you’ve got before you commit and avoid unnecessary conflicts with your existing workforce.  We’ll help you choose future success stories.
  • Wage Competitiveness Assessment – Are you offering too little to attract the talent you want?  Are you paying more than necessary?  What are the salary and benefit expectations of individuals seeking similar positions in your area?  We’ll help you determine if your compensation strategy aligns with current area standards and employee expectations.

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