media_buying_techniquesMedia Procurement

Not only can we help you conceive and develop your recruitment campaigns; we can also help you make sure they hit the right targets at the right prices.

Our goal is to save you time while achieving the greatest return on your investment.  We like a good value for our dollar and we look for the same for you – we consistently helped negotiate better deals for our clients.  We present clear options and analysis, you make the decision and we put them into action.

Bessire will…

  • Identify the most appropriate job board(s) and/or advertising medium(s) for your specific recruiting needs
  • Establish and maintain contacts with media representatives
  • Negotiate the best deals for the advertising campaign keeping within your budget to maximize ROI
  • Mediate meetings regarding service level agreements
  • Hold media companies accountable for advertising purchased
  • Reconcile invoices and provide single point billing


Media Planning

Our goal with media planning is to help you find the right candidates efficiently and at the lowest cost possible. After conducting a thorough needs analysis to understand your unique need and budget, Bessire will take the guess-work out of the process by recommending where to advertise giving you the maximum ROI for your recruiting dollars.


Media Negotiations

Bottom line….getting you the best rates for your advertising is what we do best. Bessire has successfully negotiated advertising contracts for clients of all sizes and budgets by identifying the packages that will work best for them based on recruiting goals and budgets. Understanding volume discounts, special features and unique offers that many are not aware of, help Bessire to present our clients with the best options when finalizing media purchases.