Bessire & Associates Services: Recruitment Outsourcing in the US

Recruitment Services

A full package solution consists of: customized online advertising, resume selection, verifying candidate qualifications and scheduling interviews. While many companies prefer our full package recruitment solutions, we do offer individual services as well including:


  • Custom Online Job Postings
    Bessire & Associates, Inc. will create internet advertising and post your position allowing you to receive all resume responses via email. Volume packages available.
  • Administrative Resume Services
    Administrative support for sorting resumes, categorizing resumes and prioritizing top candidates.  Electronic copy of top candidate resumes.
  • Proactive Online Database Searches And Resume Mining
  • Employee Screening
    National criminal records search, national sex offender registry, social security verification and previous address update, wanted fugitive search. Driving RecordsPennsylvania, Oregon and New Hampshire do not allow access to individual driving records.
  • Recruitment Strategy
    Marketing, developing resume sourcing, categorizing of resumes, and prioritizing top candidates.
  • Social Media Marketing
    LinkedIn recruitment insights
  • Interviewing
    Interviews with potential candidates using your top three interviewing questions to select the most qualified candidates.
    Coordinate and implement a private Open House to conduct interviews.
  • Consulting
  • Recruitment Outsourcing

Bessire lets you make the final decision regarding the services you need.  We begin by conducting a thorough Needs Analysis, enabling us to make an educated recommendation of the most effective solution for you.

Bessire has a service that’s right for your company. Contact us today to learn more.