Recruitment Outsourcing: The Bessire Process

sidePerfecting the Recruitment Process

Bessire has designed an approach to bring an even greater amount of flexibility and options available – allowing YOU to choose your level of participation.

Four critical steps are required to identify the need for a position and to fill it.

  • STRATEGY – Looking at position skills and competencies, examining corporate culture, considering position geography and reviewing any additional needs to create a comprehensive action plan that’s proven effective.
  • SOURCING – Creating an applicant pool by using the most effective results-based marketing, including internet postings, social media, direct sourcing and employee referrals.
  • SCREENING – Filtering applicants through resume review based on a targeted questionnaire, company-centric personality assessments, pre-employment survey applications and/or other pre-determined tools.  You won’t waste time interviewing unqualified or ill-suited candidates…ever.
  • SELECTION– Selecting the best of the best, presenting only the top contenders for your review.  We highlight the top contenders for your position as well as prioritize the remaining applicant resumes.  You’ll receive Bessire’s comprehensive overview containing both subjective and objective analysis to aid in determining your overall return on investment.

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