Attracting Applicants: Job Candidates Locally and Nationally

strategyAttracting Talent Never Happens by Accident

Companies spend billions of dollars on advertising year after year for one reason: it works.   The same basic principle applies when recruiting.  The right ad creates excitement, interest and understanding, while the wrong ad can actually negatively affect the way the applicants you wish to attract perceive your company.


FACT: Recruitment Advertising by Bessire receives MORE RESPONSES

Bessire writes ads that work!

We Know WHAT to Say

Like any product or service, your position is a commodity you want to sell.  The right words grab the attention of, inform, educate and excite potential job candidates.  Whatever the media, your marketing material defines your company and establishes the value of any position you advertise.  Your recruitment ad may be the first impression you make in the mind of a potential employee.
Bessire practices smart marketing that also saves you time and money throughout the entire recruitment process. Professional copy can be used to effectively discourage unqualified applicants.

Business meetingWe Know HOW to Say It

There is a true art in writing effective recruiting ad copy.  While one approach proves effective for positions that require administrative skill sets, totally different copy is necessary to attract someone to a job geared more towards technology.  Good recruiting ad copy considers the position requirements as well as the natural abilities of your desired talent pool.  Bessire understands these unique differences and writes ads that appeal to the applicants YOU want.

We Know WHERE to Say It

Where should you advertise?  The possibilities can seem endless, but there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.  Internet postings, niche job boards and other media are strong tools.  Like every tool, knowing when and how to use them is key.  Bessire will help you wade through the mind-boggling array of choices, ensuring you’re spending your money wisely.  Years of experience enable us to choose the most effective media, ensuring you realize the highest possible ROI for your marketing dollars.

InternetBessire delivers results through smart recruitment advertising:

  • Get more responses from a higher quality group of applicants
  • JPO (Job Board Posting Optimization) – Like Search Engine Optimization, JPO enhances the effectiveness of your recruitment advertising
  • Improved Online Presence – We update your internet job posting strategy to keep it up to date with the current and ever-changing Job Board Landscape
  • Proactive ‘Push & Pull’ Internet Postings – more current and relevant than traditional passive job postings
  • Resume Mining – proactively sourcing qualified candidates through various database searches
  • LinkedIn Advertising / Account acquisition
  • Social Media Recruiting