Recruitment Outsourcing

The future of recruiting has arrived

Human Resources conceptRecruitment Outsourcing has completely redefined the way companies spend their time and money to find the right people.  Recruitment Outsourcing is the flexible, affordable and effective alternative for the past archaic recruiting options.  It allows a greater amount of flexibility and individual services available – where YOU choose only those services you need help with.

Bessire manages the recruiting PROCESS…NOT the recruit.   You get a pool of candidates recruited specifically to meet your needs.  Talent pool management, consulting and outsourcing only services needed, and the entire recruitment management process becomes focused on meeting client needs.  This simple change is the single most important dynamic credited with achieving a higher level of success in recruiting…and here’s why.

We put the focus back where it belongs

Our focus is to save you time and money in your recruiting process by doing the work for you that you CHOOSE and then presenting you with the best qualified candidate pool.

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