Do you want to raise the bar in recruiting for your Cooperative?

Is your Recruiting Strategy in need of an overhaul?

Things to consider:

  • Often a cooperative is the employer of choice in a market which creates many, many resumes to wade through.
  • Beyond traditional means of promoting the job openings, how do you advertise and reach the right talent including Passive talent that is not looking?
  • How do you overcome the “everyone knows everyone” factor and keep recruiting unbiased, uniform, and consistent?
  • How do you implement best practices using best in class recruitment techniques and strategies?
  • How do you address compensation and labor pressure issues that are challenges faced in rural area recruitment?
  • How do you work with Board Members and/or GMs that want proven, successful ways to recruit using new tools and methods?
  • How do you ensure that you are adhering to non-discrimination recruiting practices and promoting job openings using all advertising mediums required by the law?


Below is a snapshot of our past work for Electric Membership Corporations and Telco companies – please keep in mind that any of these services can be customized to meet your unique needs. Click here to learn about why we are different..

Recruitment Advertising

Bessire will strategize with you on your recruiting message, optimize your ad copy, post in newspapers, websites and job boards allowing you to receive all the resumes into your recruiting system (ATS) or email address.

Scrub and Screen

Using your current method for sourcing resumes, Bessire can contact all candidates, systematically measuring them against your recruiting criteria, and then submit all information back for your review to continue candidates in your formal recruitment process.

Full Service RPO

Bessire will create recruitment strategy, advertise, source, “scrub and screen,” and prioritize/organize candidate information to get you to the point of the first step of your recruitment process.

Samples of success

Osmose Utilities Services provides engineering services for electric and communication utilities, and we needed to fill a number of Technician positions in the Peachtree City, GA area. Because of the number of Technicians needed, we knew that we would need to reach candidates in markets beyond the greater Atlanta area. Bessire created an advertising strategy using multiple job boards and posted to areas that had Universities with Engineering programs throughout the Southeast. This advertising strategy created a candidate pool that enabled us to interview qualified candidates to meet our hiring need. I would highly recommend Bessire to help with your recruitment advertising.

Bessire & Associates worked in conjunction with our staff to assess the needs of our company and the requirements of this position. Bessire reviewed every applicant and facilitated the initial interviews to determine which applicants met or exceeded all necessary qualifications. They submitted their recommendations to our organization in a very timely and organized manner. Twin Lakes was able to utilize Bessire & Associates’ provided recommendations to make multiple hires. Their assistance was tremendously helpful in screening for the most qualified personnel available in our market, providing us a competitive advantage and also thoroughly reducing the amount of time it would have taken our organization to pre-qualify candidates.

Bessire was extremely supportive in our recent recruiting for two newly created key roles – Manger of IT and Communication/PR Coordinator. They consulted with our team about each position and discussed where we could find candidates beyond our current limited resources. They then created a strategy to find not only active but also passive talent through database searches using LinkedIn and other job boards. After four weeks, we received an electronic copy of all top candidate information prioritized according to our hiring criteria. They are Subject Matter Experts in recruiting and advertising, and we will certainly consider using Bessire again. We highly recommend Bessire as a talent recruiting team.

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