Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Bessire and our business.
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What is Bessire Recruitment Outsourcing?

Bessire recruitment outsourcing allows you to decide what aspects of your recruiting process you want to outsource. No one knows your business like you do – that includes your staffing needs.  Bessire offers full package recruitment solutions as well as specific services such as online job postings, resume categorizing and prioritizing, detailed employee screening, interviewing and so much more.  Our approach is designed to meet your needs in a way that allows you to choose your individual level of participation as well as the services you wish us to provide.  Our thorough Needs Analysis can help determine the most effective solution for you.

Do your services apply for all levels and types of positions?

GOOD NEWS!  Bessire has tested and proven that our solutions work for different types of positions at many levels and produces success in approximately 85% of any company hiring need.  We have helped clients recruit for positions such as HVAC Service Technician, Administrative Assistant, Director of Human Resources, CFO, Customer Service Representative, Information Technology  professionals and many more.

What differentiates Bessire recruitment services from a staffing/placement firm?

In medicine, diagnosis without examination is malpractice.  The same can be said in recruiting.  The Bessire difference: We don’t own the candidate: you do.  We attract and provide the best matches within a marketplace that are prequalified and interested in filling your position through our time-proven 4-step recruitment process.  We don’t search through some generic pool of existing candidates hoping to find someone who might fit.  No dress up, no coaching, and no games: Bessire proactively and aggressively pursues fresh qualified prospects and interests them in your opportunity.   There are a few major differences between Bessire and other recruiting firms.  To fully understand how our services are different, See How We Can Help You

What does Bessire charge and what guarantees can I expect?

We charge a flat fee per service or per position in the full-service solution package. Simply put, we charge you for the process – NOT THE HIRE! Therefore, you potentially are able to make multiple hires from just one service. Since you are ultimately responsible for the applicant(s) hire, we take responsibility for the steps in the process (Strategy, Sourcing, Screening & Selecting)See Flowchart under How it Works that give you the best pre-qualified candidates in a marketplace to ensure you can make the best choice. Although this process does not guarantee you a hire, it increases your chance of success.

What is a pre-screen questionnaire and how does it help me?

A screening questionnaire is a one page document containing 5-6 key questions with the purpose to uncover or confirm information you require in all potential applicants. It is emailed to any applicant whose resume is deemed potentially qualified. The answers to these questions are not typically found on the resume; thus, the information can help you to narrow the applicant pool. This helps you select the most qualified applicants before moving them on to the next step in the interviewing process.

Can you direct candidates to our website or Applicant Tracking System?

Yes, this can be done; however, it is important to review the entire applicant job process first in order to not make the process too long and cumbersome. This could risk losing top contenders from applying to your opportunity. In the initial needs analysis, together we will determine the most effective process to obtain the most qualified and highest number of applicants.

If I purchase the full-service solution package, when will I begin receiving applicant information?

The process for a full-service package runs 3-4 business weeks. A time frame is determined in the initial Needs Analysis. We will touch base with you mid-point to update you on the progress of your project, but feel free to call us anytime should you have questions. You will be emailed a notification the day your project is sent by Fedex via 2 day delivery.

Do I receive all resume responses or only those qualified?

You will receive only the qualified and potentially qualified responses. If you wish to receive the non-qualified responses, we are happy to do that for a nominal fee based upon the number of resumes.

What can I do to ensure the success of my project?

As with any partnership, communication is key. During the initial Needs Analysis, it is critical to spend time discussing not only your position and criteria but expectations based upon past challenges and successes. We seek to under promise and over deliver. By clearly defining your “Strategy ” in the first step of the recruiting process, we will have the same game plan to follow. This ensures we will both get the desired results.

Can you recruit for a company expansion of 50 or more positions/territories?

Absolutely! Many of our clients have just one or two positions open but during an expansion, they may have a need for multiple hires throughout the country. Bessire has the staff, technology and expertise available to meet virtually any staffing need.

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