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Posted on: June 14th, 2013

Employee_performanceAre You Ready for Employment Awesomeness?

Employment is kind of a buzzword these days, with our economy on the mend, a main topic of conversation has become employment and job creation. Here are Bessire, these are topics we deal with regularly and we are proud of our record. We help over 95% of the companies that hire us to find the right job applicants to fill their employment deficit, but is that enough to make companies successful?

 Are Good Employees Enough?

Once we have done our part, there still has to be a partnership, a synergy, an “Employment Perfect Storm” of aligning skills and work styles to really make a successful pairing that will last between employee and employer. So, we wanted to explore this just a little from both angles. First, from the perspective we usually see things, the company offering employment!

 Where Employers Can Start.

In many cases, we are hired to find an applicant to fill a position that already exists and has been vacated. In some cases, that employee is simply being promoted, or is moving on to a bigger opportunity with no hard feelings. In others, they leave disgruntled or are asked to leave, in no uncertain terms!

 Exit Interviews

In either case, exit interviews can be very valuable. If the relationship is not too hostile, asking the exiting employee what they think  about the position, what they liked and what they wished for in that job can help you set the stage for success in your next partnership, with the new guy coming in.

Laying Groundwork

If suggested changes do indeed make sense, are feasible and fall within available resources, doesn’t making the new guys job easier, simpler or more comfortable make sense? By adjusting things to make the position itself easier to succeed in, you create an environment where your new worker is more likely to thrive. But what if you are the worker?

Entrance Interviews

Just like a company may need to know what went wrong, or could be adjusted in a position about to be filled by a new employee, so too, that person seeking employment might benefit from knowing a little of the history that went before. If you are hired for a position and have the opportunity to talk to, or even be trained by your successor, pay attention! You might need to filter for various levels of “disgruntality” but this information is invaluable if you are to succeed in your new employment.

Partner Up

In many cases, employers and employees really never discuss the real issues of the job, those “unspoken” terrors that both sides know about, but fear dealing with. As a new worker, you are not expected to understand the unspoken rules yet, so go ahead and ask! If you see or hear things you wonder about, don’t let the former employees biases keep you from speaking up. You’ll know soon enough if it will get you anywhere, but you might just end up with your dream job by asking!

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