Recruitment Outsourcing Options

Basic Recruitment Package includes:

  • Advertising over a 2-to-3 week period includes various online mediums.
  • Resume sourcing, categorizing of resumes, and prioritizing top candidates.
  • Includes scheduling appointments for up to 15 candidates.
  • Candidate questionnaire with your top 5 interviewing questions. The personal attention each candidate receives enhances their overall interest and response; therefore, helping us select the most qualified candidates for you.
  • Final project will include electronic copy of top candidate resumes.
  • Additional costs may include $500 for all administrative positions and/or overnight/2-day delivery charges.

Additional Options

Online Job Posting

Bessire & Associates, Inc. will create internet advertising and post your position allowing you to receive all resume responses via email. Volume packages available.

Confidential Job Posting

Bessire & Associates, Inc. will create a blind internet advertisement and forward all resume responses to you anonymously.

Resume Administrative Services

Administrative support for sorting resumes, categorizing resumes and prioritizing top candidates. Electronic copy of top candidate resumes.

Additional Personal Invitation to Candidates

Contact additional qualified candidates beyond the 15 included in the Basic Package via email and phone inviting them to the location of your choice for a personal interview.

Hard copy of Resume Responses

A bound, sorted and highlighted copy of all resume responses.

Candidate Phone Interviews

Conduct phone interviews with potential candidates using your top three interviewing questions. This normally consists of a 30-40 minute phone interview in order to select the most qualified candidates for your scheduled appointments.

Employee Background Screening

Criminal Records – National criminal records search, national sex offender registry, social security verification and previous address update, wanted fugitive search. *For counties that do not report to the State or National database, there will be an additional charge of $15.00 per county search.
Driving Records – Pennsylvania, Oregon and New Hampshire do not allow access to individual driving records. *Some states charge an additional state fee, and that fee will be added when applicable.
Credit Records.