How We Work

As you will read below, results can speak volumes.
We want the next success story to be yours!

A payroll company needed a Major Account Sales Representative at a regional branch office.  They wanted an interview day at that location with only the top applicants.

Solution: Based on the position requirements, Bessire sourced, screened and scheduled applicants to personally interview with the hiring managers on a pre-determined interview day.  Ten interested and qualified applicants were interviewed. Seven applicants were selected and scheduled to go onto the next step in the process. Of those, four applicants were chosen for the final step leading to an offer for the position.  All this was done within 3 weeks of the initial call to Bessire.

A major HVAC company in the Southeast had several positions to fill at various locations within a tight budget.

Solution: Bessire created and advertised various openings for counter sales, outside sales, branch management, and various technical positions on several on-line jobboards. Once posted, the resumes for the specific position(s) went directly to the individual branch to be reviewed by the hiring manager in that location. This resulted in immediate response for the company to begin their interview process and kept cost to a minimum by not outsourcing the entire recruitment process.

A major telecommunications company needed outside sales representatives in the local Minneapolis territory.

Solution: Since there was an upcoming Bessire Sales Recruitment Event in Minneapolis, the company attended the Event where they met 45 qualified applicants that met their hiring profile. They invited 20 individuals for second interviews and ended up hiring 3 new sales representatives.

A major pharmaceutical company needed to double their sales force in a very short time frame.

Solution: A national advertising campaign was implemented to saturate the market in sourcing as many prospects as possible in a short time. Bessire screened and qualified the applicants before selecting the finalists for phone interviews. Key competencies needed for success were assessed through conducting phone interviews. The final results detailing observations and recommendations were presented to the client. Five qualified applicants were interviewed for each territory.

Even if you already have a recruiting plan in place, we can work within those parameters to enhance your efforts. Bessire is willing to do as much or as little as you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently – and cost effectively.

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