What is Bessire RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing? SelectShow

What is the difference between RPO and the services a staffing firm offers? SelectShow

What is the Bessire-RPO process? SelectShow

Why doesn't Bessire-RPO offer a guarantee on a hire? SelectShow

What sort of results can I expect? SelectShow

What differentiates Bessire from other businesses and services in the recruiting space? SelectShow

What sort of recruiting tools does Bessire-RPO use?
Are they all based in only one recruiting solution?

What is Labor Pressure? SelectShow

How can I tell if the compensation I'm offering is in line with my competitors? SelectShow

What if we are unable or do not wish to advertise the compensation for a given position? SelectShow

What sort of updates can I expect when utilizing Bessire-RPO Services?
And, how often will I recieve them?

What is a Mid-Point call? SelectShow

Is a Mid-Point call really necessary? SelectShow

What questions should I submit for Bessire to do in screening? SelectShow

What questions should I submit for your phone screening? SelectShow

What is my Company's Value Proposition and what sort of information should I include in it? SelectShow

We've had a lot of success sourcing candidates from one of our competitors.
Can we request that you source active or passive candidates from that business?

Do we have the option of keeping our company name confidential? SelectShow

Does Bessire cater to the need for diversity candidates? SelectShow

Can you redirect candidates to our ATS using our Link? SelectShow

Do you perform Background Checks as part of your services? SelectShow

Why do engagements take 21 days? SelectShow

Can you send us every candidate that was sourced,
as opposed to only those who passed the screening process?

Do you conduct Behavioral-Based interviews? SelectShow

What can I do to help ensure that my Bessire-RPO project is a success? SelectShow

Can't we do all this internally? SelectShow

How do we get access to a bigger pool of candidates to meet our needs?
Can you source hard-to-find positions?

What if we need a lot of people in a hurry? SelectShow

With costs this low, you must be cutting corners somewhere, right? SelectShow

How does Bessire charge for its services? SelectShow

Why should I pay you upfront before I hire a candidate? SelectShow

Does Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) work for all levels of positions? SelectShow


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