Why Choose Bessire for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solutions:

A Comparison Chart of Bessire to Typical Recruiting Firms

Recruiting Firms

  • Oversees every aspect of the hiring process, eliminating HR Department oversight and/or input.
  • Bessire works WITH your firm’s HR Department…WE DO NOT REPLACE IT, thus promoting corporate continuity and partnership.
  • High-cost often considered prohibitive by small to medium-sized companies that must burden recruiters with initial ‘busy’ work.
  • Bessire typically costs LESS than traditional staffing firms and can alleviate recruiters from the time-consuming strategy, sourcing, screening and/or selection process.
  • Typically all aspects are handled by the firm, not allowing you to be a part of the decision-making in the process. This often yields poor results and mismanaged expectations.
  • Recruitment outsourcing frees up your HR professionals to manage the parts of the process you chose while outsourcing those time-consuming tasks.
  • Applicants are prepped by staffing firms prior to interview to improve their chances of landing a job…and giving the firm a placement.
  • Bessire does not shop for nor coach candidates. Our focus is on meeting your needs in order to find a good match, NOT placing a job candidate.
  • Cost-per-hire can be as much as 30% of the employee’s first year salary.
  • Bessire costs a fraction of the price per equally qualified candidate as staffing firms.
  • Employee retention can be a problem when filling specific positions from a pool of general or more common skill sets. Interview coaching results in misplacement and employee frustration.
  • Higher success rates are common with Bessire due to pre-qualified candidates and NO interview coaching or candidate prepping.
  • Companies often ‘bombarded’ with numerous candidate interviews.
  • The Bessire process decreases the amount of interviews to only the top contenders which increases the interview-to-hire ratio.

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